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    Quality Assurance and Quality Management


    The Quality Assurance Department is dedicated to promoting and maintaining competitive quality education for its national, regional, and international recognition through delivery of quality programmes and services, provision of appropriate infrastructure and excellent facilities, and recruiting highly qualified professionals as well as developing the capabilities of all staff. High levels of achievement by all students and staff, is indeed, the College’s major goal.

    Goals and Objectives

    • To implement the Institution’s approach to quality assurance and enhancement in an efficient and effective manner.
    • To ensure a commitment not only to quality assurance but also to the enhancement of the quality of the student experience.
    • To establish a comprehensive self-evaluation system in the field of quality control in the College.
    • To demonstrate that standards of programs/courses are appropriate and meet the requirement of the Oman’s System of Quality Assurance and other external benchmarks.
    • Improve the quality of staff, of programmes, and of support services
    • To ensure that stated student outcomes are realized

    Policy Statement

    Mazoon College is committed to the principles of promoting and maintaining quality education, and shall, therefore, ensure that:

    • All potential and current staff and students meet the College’s high standard criteria for recruitment and admission
    • All programmes offered meet international standards for quality higher education
    • A supportive environment with proper infrastructure, resources and facilities conducive to quality teaching, learning and research is created for all the College’s staff and students and other stakeholders
    • A wholesome, campus-wide awareness of, and participation in, all quality assurance activities, from departments / sections to top management structures is achieved
    • General understanding and commitment by all sections of the College to building quality assurance practices in all the units and functions of the College become a significant part of institutional culture
    • Institutional development and improvement through self-study and periodic evaluation by qualified peer professionals is encouraged and practiced
    • Mazoon College standards to assess and enhance educational quality and institutional performance are developed at each level and used accordingly
    • Interchange of ideas among public and private institutions through various meetings, seminars, publications and other forms of information dissemination is promoted

    Functions and Responsibilities

    In order to develop a system to monitor and review the effectiveness of the College’s quality assurance policies and procedures and consider the following:

    • The annual review of programs of study
    • The validation and approval of new of programs of study through the academic board
    • Student representation and feedback
    • Assessment procedures
    • To prepare an annual report and a quality Handbook
    • To advise and assist academic and service units in carrying out self-assessment procedures
    • To ensure the effective implementation of College systems for the comparability of the standards of programs of study - with reference to standards across and within disciplines
    • To prepare forms and surveys for data entities.
    • To advise on any other matters which may from time to time be determined by the College Management Committee?

    Quality Assurance and Improvement Policy                      

    The policy specifies the College’s approach to quality assurance and continuous improvement as well as its principles, features, and standards. We wish to assure quality learning, teaching, and research through a regular review and improvement process.


    The aim of the Quality Assurance policy is to enhance the effectiveness of its core activities of learning and teaching, research, student experience and community engagement. The policy addresses all areas of College activity focusing on their contribution to and alignment with College’s Strategic Goals.

    The quality assurance and improvement strategy involves all areas of the College, and is led by HOD- Quality Assurance as a major responsibility.

    • The institution’s quality assurance system is fully integrated into the normal planning and development strategies in a defined cycle of planning, implementation, assessment and review.
    • All administrative units and sections within the institution are included in the process of quality assurance and improvement. Procedures involve continual monitoring of achievement of objectives as well as periodic self evaluation with results reported.


    • Quality learning and teaching, student experience, research, community and alumni engagement are essential to the College’s mission, goals and objectives.
    • Benchmarking and evidence-based approach. The College is to evaluate its achievements against appropriate national and international benchmark. Its quality assurance methods are evidence-based, where outcomes and feedback from stakeholders (including students, staff, employers and community) will provide the basis for analyses and conclusions on which improvements are planned.
    • The supervision, maintenance and development of all quality assurance procedures in the College are within the remit of the College Management Committee.

    Quality assurance procedures are subject to the general policy statements of the College for the development, validation, monitoring and review of programs of study.



    The department of Quality Assurance outlined 28 points Quality Monitoring Plan. The aim of Mazoon College’s quality assurance policy is to enhance the effectiveness of its core activities of learning, teaching and research. This aim can only be achieved through a regular review and monitoring of its programs and academic activities. For the purpose of quality enhancement and improvement, following is the quality yearly plan which is being followed and all the departments submit their reports accordingly to the Quality Assurance Department.


    S.No. Focus Areas/Indicators Frequency/Time Responsibility Remarks
    1 Course objective/Evaluation  survey report Every semester HODs Through Questionnaire<
    2 Students’ satisfaction  survey Annually(end of spring semester) QAD Through Questionnaire
    3 Exit Survey(Graduating Students Every Semester HODs(Academic) Through Questionnaire
    4 Exit Survey (Student Withdrawal)


    At the time student wish to withdraw Admission & Registration Through Questionnaire
    5 Students’ Feedback on Academic Advising Annually HODs(Academic) Through Questionnaire
    6 Examination monitoring For all examinations HODs & Exams Committee  
    7 Examination Report After every examination Chair-Examination Committee  
    8 Library Report with survey results Annually Librarian  
    9 Students’ feedback  about faculty Every Semester QAD Through Questionnaire
    10 Peer Review/observation of teaching Every semester HOD(Academic & GFP)  
    11 Staff Evaluation/Appraisal Annually HODs and Dean  
    12 HOD Evaluation Annually Dean  
    13 Administrative staff Evaluation Annually Director (Administration & Finance)  
    14 Annual Reports (All academic and Administrative Units) End of Academic Session HODs(Academic, GFP, and Administrative Units)/QAD  
    15 All committees annual reports Annually Committee Chair  
    16 Recruitment Record & Report Annually Recruitment Coordinator/HR Department  
    17 Minutes of all meetings:- Departmental committees and all sub committees For every meeting HODs and Committee-Chair  
    18 Minutes of Academic Council Meeting For every meeting Dean’s Office  
    19 Reports on number of students intake, withdrawn, on probation, students transferred from other institutions etc. Annually Admission and Registration Department.  
    20 Benchmarking of all programs and Institution On regular basis HODs and  QAD  
    21 Alumni Records, students training record etc. On regular basis Student Counselling/Career Advisory Dept.  
    22 Record of companies Providing OJT, logbook On regular basis Student Counselling/Career Advisory Dept.  
    23 Feedback from Industry On regular basis Student Counselling/Career Advisory Office.  
    24 Student Affairs activities(Cultural week, job fair etc.) and annual report On regular basis Student Affair Dept.  
    25 Health, Safety and Security Reports (with survey results) Every Semester HSS Dept.  
    26 Student Retention & Progression Record Annually HODs(Academic & GFP)  
    27 Faculty and Staff / Employee Feedback Survey Annually QAD  
    28 Marketing Department Report Annually Marketing Manager  

    Contact Us

     Dr. Mohammed Jameel Hashmi
    Acting Head - Quality Assurance Department

    Tel: 24513391