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    Q1. If a student’s AGPA is less than 2.00 and s/he has completed all the requirements of the programme, what should s/he do?

    Answer 1: The student should continue her/his attempts by registering the courses s/he is allowed until s/he reaches AGPA 2.00.

    Q2. How many times a student may repeat a course?

    Answer 2:

    A.If a student is financed by the Ministry, s/he may repeat a course twice. If s/he fails in both trials, s/he has to pay from her/his own.
    B. if a student can repeat a course to increase her/his AGPA. Each F grade will affect the calculation of the AGPA, unless the fees are refund.

    Q3. How many courses a student is allowed to repeat within the same semester?

    Answer 3: There is no limit to the number of courses a student can repeat in a semester, provided that the maximum registered credit hours will not exceed 15 credit hours.

    Q4. Which grade will appear in the transcript after the repletion of the courses?

    Answer 4: All grades will appear in the transcripts.

    Q5. What about the former grade if a course is repeated?

    Answer 5: All grades will appear in the transcripts. The former grade will be marked “R” and a footnote should states “Course repeated” should appear next to that grade.

    Q6. If a student receives an “F” in her/his elective, and subsequently chooses a second course from the approved electives and scores “B” grade, what happens to the credit hours of the first elective? Will it be calculated into the required number of credit hours for graduation?

    Answer 6: All credit hours for that course will be calculated.