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    The Business Administration program is aimed at helping the students realize and make efficient use of their potentialities to work in an organization or to become an entrepreneur. We build in you team spirit, Commercial awareness (Critically analyze and assess identified entrepreneurial opportunities), Self-employment skills and academic knowledge in understanding the consumer and organization environment

    Who should enroll?

    1. Students who wants to be independent (becoming their own boss)
    2. Students who are interested to work in middle and high management position
    3. Students willing to contribute to nation building
    4. Students who wants to work in public and private sectors

    Minimum Eligibility

    1. Those who have the Secondary High School Omani Certificate or its equivalent approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.


    1. This is the start of your higher studies in Business Administration
    2. Plenty of job opportunities in many and varied organizations ( both private and public)
    3. This program will encourage students’ innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking

    Courses and credit hours’ distribution

    A- Associate Degree Program (63 credits)

       1st Year                 Fall Semester (15 hrs)

    Course Code Course Name Credit Prerequisite
    Sp MS 85 Principles of Speech 3  
    Eng 20 Exposition and Argumentation 3  
    Math3 Pre-Calculus 3  
    IST 50 Introduction to Management & Information System 3  
    Psych 50 Introduction to Psychology 3  

          Note: ER – Entrance requirements

    1st Year                 Spring Semester (15 hrs)

    Course Code Course Name Credit Prerequisite
    Bus110 Management & Organizational Behavior 3  
    Stat115 Statistic for Business1 3  
    Hist111/112 Western Civilization 3  
    IST 51 Implementing Information System-User Perspective 3 IST50
    Eco 121 Principles of Microeconomics 3  

    2nd Year             Fall Semester (18 hrs)

    Course Code Course Name Credit Prerequisite
    Eng60 Writing & Research 3 Eng 20, Spms 85
    Bus120 Accounting I 3  
    Bus 209 Fundamentals of Management 3  
    Eco 122 Principles of Macroeconomics 3  Eco 121
    Phil 35 Business Ethics 3  
    Math12 Business Calculus 3  Math3, Stat115

    2nd Year             Spring Semester (15 hrs)

    Course Code Course Name Credit Prerequisite
    Stat 116 Statistics for Business 3 Stat 115
    Acc 131 Accounting II 3 Acc 130
    IST 211 Web Design 3  
    Eco 75 Economic Development in the Gulf States 3  
      Human Elective 3  

    Total Credits: 63