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    Mazoon College seeks to be an association between the College and its family of alumni across the globe; to accomplish them to the College’s mission of assisting its students and preparing graduates to be capable of making significant contribution to the field of endeavor and society.


    Mazoon College seeks to enrich a lifelong scholarly and emotional connection between the College and its graduates; to reach, serve and engage all College alumni and students; and to provide the College with generosity and support.


    • Provide alumni with opportunities to relate with one another, to participate in continuing education programs, self development programs, seminars and College activities.
    • Serve as a bridge between the College and the alumni in their professional careers.
    • Maintain continuous contact with alumni.
    • Inform and update alumni on the latest news about their College through various means of communication.
    • To serve the community by declining the unemployability rate.



    • To enhance the employment potential of those alumni who are searching for jobs.
    • Conducting workshops, seminars, conferences and providing customized training programs and certificate programs.


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    Latest Events

    1) ALUMNI TEA PARTY, 2018  ( Date: 06.02.18 )

    2) ALUMNI MEET, 2017  ( Date: 8.11.17 )

    Upcoming Events

    1) Announcement for Interview, 2018  ( Date: 19.02.18 )