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    IST 50/IST 1750 - Introduction to Management Information Systems

    This course familiarizes the students with the fundamental concepts and principles of management information systems. Topics covered include the strategic role of IT, decision support systems, database and datawarehouse, enterprise applications, mobile applications, and social and ethical issues related to information systems. Prerequisite: GFP – IT

    CS 53/CS 1570  - Introduction to Programming

    Programming design and development using C++. Emphasis placed on problem solving methods using good programming practices and algorithm design and development. Topics included are syntax/ semantics, logical, relational and arithmetic operators, decision branching, loops, functions, file I/O, arrays, output formatting, C-strings, and an introduction to Object-Oriented Programming including the development and use of classes. Prerequisite: GFP (IT & Maths)

    IST 51/IST 1551 - Implementing Information Systems – User Perspective

    Introduction to object-oriented programming in the context of developing and implementing the various components of an information system with particular attention given to system interface such as window and web forms. Class will include numerous projects covering foundational programming.

    Prerequisite: IST50/ IST1750

    PHIL 212/PHIL 2001 - Computer Ethics

    The course familiarizes the students with the fundamental concepts and principles of Computer Ethics. Topic covered includes the Philosophical Ethics, Professional Ethics, Property Rights of Computer Software, Accountability and Computer and Information Technology, Social implication and Social Values. Prerequisite: None

    IST 151/IST 1552 - Implementing Information Systems – Data Perspective

    Continuation of object-oriented programming in the context of developing and implementing the various components of an information system with particular attention given to database incorporation. Class will include numerous projects covering intermediate topics.

    Prerequisite: IST51/IST1551

    IST 231/IST 3131 - Computing Internals & Operating Systems

    Design-oriented introduction to computer components and operation. Standard codes; number systems; base conversions; computer arithmetic; boolean algebra; operating system components including memory management, device management, and I/O management; and related issues are covered. Prerequisite: IST151/IST1552

    IST 233/IST 3333 - Data Networks and Information Security

    The course provides an overview of current and evolving networking and information security principles. Concepts include network standards and protocols; operation and management; switching and routing; area networks; wireless network infrastructure; security frameworks, policies, and management. Prerequisite: IST151/IST1552

    IST 223/IST 3423 - Database Management

    The course introduces the concepts of database management systems. Issues in database architecture, design, administration, and implementation are covered. Prerequisite: CS53/CS1570

    IST 286/IST 4654 - Web & Digital Media Development

    This course covers techniques and tools for design and development of web-based media, including text, graphics, animation, audio, and video.

    Prerequisite: IST151/IST1552

    IST321/IST 3321 - Network Performance Design and Management

    This course provides analytical capabilities needed to effectively design, deploy, and manage computer networks and protocols.

    Prerequisite: IST223/IST3423 & IST233/IST3333

    IST 243/IST 3343 - System Analysis and Design

    Introduction to the processes by which business information systems are analyzed, designed, and introduced into the business environment. Topics include investigation of existing systems, requirements analysis, logical and physical design, database design, forms design, and report analysis. Prerequisite: IST223/IST3423

    IST 4641 - Electronic and Mobile Commerce

    Introduction to fundamental concepts of management and application to IT and support of commerce. Examines the use of IT in business processes and the management issues of integrating IT into organization processes to gain a competitive advantage. Prerequisite: IST50/IST1750

    IST 4335 - Fundamentals of Mobile Technology for Business

    A broad overview of mobile technology use in business environments. Topics include the mobile industry; mobile network and wireless standards; mobile devices; mobile web design and app development; social and user experience issues; mobile marketing and commerce. Prerequisite: IST233/IST3333

    IST241/IST 4642 - E-Commerce Architecture

    Course will cover the issues associated with computer architecture, as it relates specifically to e-commerce applications. Topics will include ecommerce systems and processes, specialized software, and databases.

    Prerequisite: IST233/IST3333

    IST 3553 - Modular Software Systems in Java

    Introduction to Software Life Cycle and characteristics of large modular software systems. Exploration of software support for such systems, using Java, including use of GUI interfaces, advanced I/O and String handling, Interfaces, Threads, and other modularity features. Program project included. Prerequisites: IST151/IST1552

    IST 361/IST 4261 - Information Systems Project Management

    The course overviews general project management principles and then focuses on information system application development. Topics include requirements analysis, project scheduling, risk management, quality assurance, testing, and team coordination. Prerequisites: IST151/IST1552

    IST 397/IST 4096 - Capstone: Senior Design

    Course will cover issues and problems relating to application and integration of business and management system skills, Group projects will require work as a member of a team, Creative Problem solving and application of business systems principles of real and simulated problems

    Prerequisite: Senior Level

    IST 5251 - Technological Innovation Management and Leadership

    The course focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary for the development and implementation of effective strategies for the management of technology-based organizations. This involves: developing a general management perspective on technology and innovation, examining the problems of new product development, identifying distinctive technological competencies, licensing and marketing technologies, assessing the organizational and industrial context of technology. Prerequisite: Senior Level

    IST 2002 - Cooperative Training in Information Science & Technology

    On-the-job experience gained through cooperative education with industry with credit arranged through departmental co-op advisor. Grade received depends on quality of reports submitted and work supervisors’ evaluation. Prerequisite: None

    IST 211/IST 2211 - Web Design

    A detailed study designed to teach the building blocks of e-commerce and Web designing. Subjects include basic concepts and architecture of e-commerce and designing, developing and hosting a web site through HTML, XML and advance web site features through Front Page, VBScript and ASP.

    Prerequisite: None

    IST 3420 - Introduction to Data Science and Management

    Introduces students to increasing business success through analysis of large-scale data collections. Topics include: import/export of data, summary statistics, cross-tabulation, data transformations (sub setting, merging, sorting and aggregation), modeling methods, and visualization. Significant programming in R is expected. Prerequisite: IST151/IST1552

    IST 4257 - Network Economy

    Emerging Network/Internet economy, using traditional economic tools. Topics: production and reproduction cost of information, information as an "experience good, " versions of products, switching cost, lock-in effects, market adoption dynamics, first-mover advantage, intellectual property rights. Prerequisite: ECO75/ECO1175

    IST 4450 - Introduction to Information Visualization

    Topics include: the visualization development framework, traditional presentations of data, human perception and aesthetics, color space theory, visualization algorithms and software, modern visualizations of large data sets. Application of R packages will be emphasized throughout.

    Prerequisites: None

    IST 354/IST 4680 - Introduction to Web and New Media Studies

    The course covers web culture, including topics such as social media, citizen journalism, crowd intelligence, privacy, and copyright. Students cannot receive credit for both this course and IS&T 5680 (Advanced Web and New Media Studies). Prerequisite: IST50/IST1750

    IST 5168 - Law and Ethics in E-Commerce

    Provides the ethical framework to analyze the ethical, legal, and social issues that arise for citizens and computer professionals regarding the computerization of society. Topics include: free speech, privacy, intellectual property, product liability, and professional responsibility.

    Prerequisite: None

    IST 351/IST 5251 - Leadership in Technology-Based Organizations

    The course focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary for the development and implementation of effective strategies for the management of technology-based organizations. This involves: developing a general management perspective on technology and innovation, examining the problems of new product development, identifying distinctive technological competencies, licensing and marketing technologies, assessing the organizational and industrial context of technology. Prerequisite: Senior or Graduate Standing.

    Prerequisite: IST50/IST1750

    IST 5420 - Business Analytics and Data Science

    Analysis of large business data sets via statistical summaries, cross- tabulation, correlation, and variance matrices. Techniques in model selection, prediction, and validation utilizing general linear and logistic regression, Bayesian methods, clustering, and visualization. Extensive programming in R is expected. Prerequisites: Calculus, Statistics, and Programming knowledge.

    Prerequisite: None

    IST 352/IST 5652 - Advanced Web Development

    Advanced Web development techniques to provide dynamic interaction; methods for extracting and delivering dynamic information to/from Web servers - a hands-on approach. Emphasis on interaction with servers; mobile software development; processing of graphics and web video. Project work is required. Prerequisites: IST151/IST1552

    IST 200 / IST 1001 - Special Topics: Java Programming

    To give an explanation in theory and practical to build Object Oriented Programming using modern object oriented programming language   such as Java. Prerequisites: None

    IST 2001 Special Topics: Introduction to Robotics

    This course provides an introduction to robotics, covering robot hardware, fundamental kinematics, trajectories, differential motion, robotic decision making, and an overview of current topics in robotics.

    Prerequisite: None

    IST 3001 Special Topics: Introduction to Cloud Computing

    This course provides a hands-on comprehensive study of Cloud concepts and capabilities across the various Cloud service models including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Business Process as a Service (BPaaS). IaaS topics start with a detailed study the evolution of infrastructure migration approaches from VMWare/Xen/KVM virtualization, to adaptive virtualization, and Cloud Computing / on-demand resources provisioning. Prerequisite: None

    IST 5001 Special Topics: Introduction to PHP Programming

    PHP is a widely used programming language which works on the principal of server side scripting to produce dynamic Web pages. It can be easily integrated with HTML and SQL to produce these dynamic web pages, and is often used to process the contents of a Web page form as it is more secure and reliable than JavaScript. Prerequisite: None

    CS 200/IST 2000 - Special Problems: CCNA Discovery – I

    This course  introduce the fundamental networking concepts and technologies also provides a hands-on introduction to networking and the Internet using tools and hardware commonly found in the home and small business environment. Prerequisite: CS53/CS1570

    CS 300/IST 3000 - Special Problems: CCNA Discovery – II

    The goal of this course is to assist you in developing the skills necessary to provide customer support to users of small-to-medium-sized networks and across a range of applications. The course provides an introduction to routing and remote access, addressing and network services.

    Prerequisite: CS200/IST2000

    CS 263/CS 3600 - Introduction to Computer Security

    This course encompasses threats and vulnerabilities, trust and security policies, and enforcement. Specific topics include access control, risk management, systems and applications life cycle, physical security, key management, transmission security, and cryptography.

    Prerequisite: CS53/CS1570

    ERP 246/ERP 2110 - Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning

    Fundamentals of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems concepts, and the importance of integrated information systems in an organization. The focus of this course is on illustrating procurement, production, and sales business processes using ERP software. Use of SAP as an example ERP system. Prerequisite: IST50/IST1750

    ERP 342/ERP 4610 - Customer Relationship Management in ERP Environment

    The course emphasizes identification (targeting), acquisition, retention, and development (expansion) of (profitable) customers, as well as effective and efficient management of customers, using information technology. SAP CRM, SAS BI tools, and Sybase mobile application development are used.

    Prerequisite: ERP246/ERP2110

    ERP 347/ERP 5310 - Supply Chain Management Systems in an ERP Environment

    The course studies the need for supply chain integration and the challenges of managing complex interfaces using the systems approach for the planning, analysis, design, development, and evaluation of supply chain. SAP's ERP ECC, SCM, BW, and Sybase Unwired Platform are used to deploy SCM apps. Prerequisite: ERP246/ERP2110

    IST 5885 - Human-Computer Interaction

    Introduction to the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Students examine issues and challenges related to the interaction between people and technology. The class explores the social and cognitive characteristics of people who use information systems. Students learn techniques for understanding user needs, interface prototyping & interface evaluation.

    Prerequisite: None

    IST 5886 - Prototyping Human-Computer Interactions

    This course explores novel HCI and UX technologies as well as methods and tools for creating system prototypes, including best practices and guidelines for optimal user experiences. Example concepts include mobile applications, behavioral monitoring, gamification, natural user interfaces, haptics, and computers as social actors. Prerequisite: IST 5885

    IST 5887 - Human-Computer Interaction Evaluation

    This course covers research and analysis methods and tools for evaluation of the impact of information technology systems on humans and organizations. The focus will be on practical evaluation with the goal of providing recommendations for improving system functionality and usability. Prerequisite: IST 5885


    MATH 3/MATH 1103   - Pre-Calculus

    Basic principles of algebra including the number line and an introduction to equations and inequalities, polynomials, rational expressions, exponents and radicals, the quadratic formula and functions.

    Prerequisite: GFP – Mathematics

    MATH 12/MATH 1212 - Business Calculus

    Calculus for Bus. & Mgt. Sys, Econ & Finance, or Info. Sci. & Tech; also possibly Bio. Sci, Soc. Sci. or Humanities. Derivatives, optimization, exponential and logarithmic functions, integration, multivariate functions, partial derivatives, Lagrange multipliers, applications.

    Prerequisite: MATH3/MATH1103

    STAT 211/STAT 3111 – Statistics (Calculus-Based)

    An introduction to statistical techniques commonly used in management decision making. Topics include statistical inference of population parameters, linear regression, basics of experimental design and analysis, analysis of categorical data, and the use of statistical software.

    Prerequisite: MATH8/MATH1208

    MATH 208/MATH 3108 - Linear Algebra I

    Systems of linear equations, matrices, vector spaces, inner products, linear transformations, determinants, and eigenvalues are studied.

    Prerequisite: MATH8/MATH1208