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    • The M.A. in English Literature Program offered by Mazoon College covers the development of English Literature from the 16th century to the modern age. The program is designed to provide academic skills and competence in various genres of literature.
    • The M.A. in English Literature Program offered by Mazoon College is intended to equip students with the development of skills to engage in original research or writing for publication or for positions in education and industry.  The program is designed to provide good academic knowledge and competence in teaching language or literature.
    • The M.A. in English Literature program is committed to advancing knowledge and creativity by shaping a community of students, scholars, and teachers.

    Master of Arts in English Literature Learning Objectives:

    1. To enhance analytical skills and use various critical approaches to literary theories.

    2. To cultivate advanced skills in reading, evaluating, and writing critically on various subjects in the field of literature, English Language and the literary arts.

    3. To acquaint students with writers in English Literature and major critical trends through detailed study of specific literary works.

    4. To develop aptitudes and skills of students to equip them to face the challenges and needs of a fast-changing society by encouraging independence of mind and critical thinking, and giving them the research tools to find crucial information.

    5. To equip students in scholarly research and methods, theoretical application, critical analysis, and academic writing.

    6. To address the needs of a diverse student population, to teach at community colleges, to pursue careers in journalism and the media, or undertake doctoral programs in English Language and Literature.


    Master of Arts in English Literature Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of the M.A., students will be able:

    1. To understand and demonstrate knowledge of the major texts and traditions of literature written in English in their social, cultural and historical context.

    2. To carry out independent research, demonstrate mastery of critical and creative thinking skills, and develop oral proficiency in seminars and presentations.

    3. To have a clear understanding of the ethical standards and integrity in academic activities and to be respectful of the academic working environment, particularly with regard to plagiarism.

    4. To give them the intellectual skills to become professors, archivists, bibliographers or professionals in the ever expanding world of digital communication.


    At the end of the program, a successful participant will be able to achieve and demonstrate:

    1. Knowledge Competency: The M.A. will function both as a stand-alone postgraduate qualification and as a preparatory training in research required for doctoral study.
    2. Critical and Creative Thinking Skills: Students will develop knowledge and understanding of critical and theoretical perspectives of literary research at post-graduate level.
    3. Practical skills:  Students will develop the ability to communicate ideas effectively, undertake academic tasks, independently design research proposals, etc.
    4. Performance: The course will enable our students to outperform the general population economically, as it is a proven fact that people with an M.A. have a significantly higher income and lower unemployment. 

           5. Graduate Attributes:

    Mazoon College’s quality audit portfolio states that " the main focus of M.C is to achieve a high quality teaching, learning and training opportunities in line with the requirements of market needs".  The following key graduate attributes are in line with Mazoon’s mission and vision.

    1. High English language proficiency.
    2. Basic awareness of economic issues and a basic tertiary-level IT and math proficiency.
    3. Inter-disciplinary/ Electric knowledge base.
    4. Subject specific grounding and specialist knowledge.
    5. Multi-cultural awareness and appreciation.
    6. Effective communication skills.
    7. Basic research capability.

    The above mentioned general graduate attributes are the overarching guidelines for producing the English Department’s specific GAs, aimed at developing transferable graduate skills, whatever career you choose (teaching, journalism & media, tourism, marketing and public relations), by the end of the degree, graduates are expected to have developed these essential graduates attributes:

    1.   Analytical skills: By reading texts in different genres and relating their authorship, historical and cultural contexts and audiences.
    2. Communication skills: As the graduates develop their linguistic abilities and upgrade their writing through essays and research papers.
    3. Presentation skills: As the graduates learn to adapt language for different tasks and audiences, in seminar discussions and oral assessment.
    4. Reflective skills: As the students consider their own ideas and understanding of how these are developing through engagement with literary and critical texts and group discussing. 
    5. Research skills: As they identify, locate and select from appropriate materials relating to specific areas of study.
    6. IT skills:  As they make use of electronic resources and communication tools, including the online learning environment and research databases.
    7. Time management  and organizational skills
    8. Team-working skills

    The above are a broad range of skills which will be attractive to managers in many different career fields, thus enhancing the graduates’ career prospects.

    For mapping these G.A's with each individual course contents, learning outcomes, etc. see appendix E.



    B.A. in English Language, Literature or Translation (or any related field) from a recognized University, with GPA not less than 2.50

    IELTS Score 6 (not less than 5.5 in any component) or

    TOEFL iBT 60 – 78

    All nationalities will be considered for admission. English native speakers will be exempt from the language requirement.


    Two years divided into four semesters.


    Students can register for the M.A. Program in the Fall Semester (the second week of September) or Spring Semester (the third week of February), one week before the commencement of classes. In cases of late registration, students have to pay late registration fees.


    Mazoon College rules state that students must complete all degree requirements within three years after initial enrollment. Students not registering for two consecutive semesters must reapply for admission to the program (students have to pay registration fees) unless they have been granted an authorized leave of absence by the Dean.

    5. PAYMENTS:

    The preliminary registration fee is 150 OR. The cost of each course is 330 OR. The total cost of the program will be about 5500 OR.

    Students can pay in a variety of methods: Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and by Check. 

    Fees can be paid in one of the following methods:

    Plan A: The total fees can be paid in one advanced payment.

    Plan B: The total fees can be paid in two payments, at the beginning of each year.

    Plan C: The total fees can be paid in four payments, at the beginning of each semester.

    Plan D: The total fees can be paid on a monthly basis.


    There is no plan for distance education or any other delivery method other than through classroom lecture. Classes will generally include discussions, case studies, and presentations. Classes will be full-time; all classes will commence after 3:00 p.m. in order to accommodate the requirements of working students.