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    Overview :

    Today’s business environments have a critical need for professionals who have an understanding of information technologies based on a broad knowledge of management practices, economics, psychology, and the humanities. These individuals are needed to implement the technology to support business processes, managerial decision making and organizational communication.

    The modern world demands computer and information literacy in much the same as literacy in reading and writing became essential in former times. The MIS program combines developing computer and information literacy with developing the understanding of business and business information needs.

    As an MIS major you will take courses that are rigorous and oriented toward building the foundation necessary for lifetime learning. Studying at Mazoon University College you will benefit from the world class computer environment and your association with excellent students from around the country and the region.

    Who should enroll?

    1. The students who wants to participate and collaborate actively in the management and development of Information Systems for the society in the contemporary business environment
    2. The students who wants to become confident in theoretical and practical skills needed for country’s industrial and technical growth
    3. The students who wants to manage a medium size information system in an enterprise set-up
    4. The students who wants to understand the algorithms and basic structure of programming languages
    5. The students who wants to know how to deal with the real challenges to be faced in the workplace
    6. The students who wants to expand their management and business knowledge and services for the sake of country and society
    7. The students who wants opportunity for quality management and business oriented vocational courses to make them useful for the surrounding changing environment
    8. The students who wants  to deal broader commercial, business and management issues in the technological environment
    9. The students who wants to purse their vocational and higher studies

    Eligibility :

    1. Those who have the secondary high school omani certificate or its equivalent approved by the ministry of higher education
    2. After Completing 63 credit hours with a minimum of AGPA:2 the student is eligible to continue his or her bachelors degree


    The majority of MIS graduates will become MIS professionals, either in organization that make use of IT or in the IT industry that develops and supplies the computers and software packages that are used. IT User Organizations can be government ministries, major industrial operations or small and medium business companies.

    The job opportunities will include (but are not limited to): Applications programmer or systems engineer, network engineer, support analyst, marketing analyst, applications engineer, production engineers, systems technologist, primary or secondary school teachers and university.