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    Student Affairs, student support, or student services is the department or division of services and support of students at Mazoon College to enhance student growth and development in the country.  Student Affairs provides services that optimize student learning and leadership, builds a safe and supportive campus community, fosters the emotional and personal growth of students, and makes a positive contribution to the overall student experience.  The Director of Student Affairs is responsible for the function of the department and providing leadership to its staff members.

    Goals & Objectives:

    1. Create awareness of ethical practice in the college
    2. To meet students’ psychological, social, health care, and housing needs
    3. To develop students’ talents, abilities, and skills
    4. To foster a healthy on-campus environment
    5. To help new students be aware of college facilities, services, and rules & regulations
    6. To address student concerns, complaints, and problems
    7. To involve students and student associations such in campus life from enrollment to graduation
    8. To develop the department via self-evaluation and feedback
    9. To build a connection between the student and society
    10. To incorporate international students into Omani society  and teach them how to meet their various needs in Oman

    Services Provided by Student Affairs:

    • Student hostel: housing, student allocation, taking care of student needs, management of services, security, follow up with parents and answer questions
    • Student Identification Cards: activated and issued by Student Affairs upon students enrollment
    • Graduation Survey: follow up with graduated students for completion of the national survey from the Ministry of Higher Education
    • Receiving student complaints: Student Affairs acts urgently to look into and resolve all student complaints
    • Receiving parents on a daily basis and helping in their needs and requests
    • Helping new students integrate into student life
    • Helping students to find training opportunities outside the college through the Student Careers office, following up with student training
    • Monitoring student attendance via academic attendance reports, private conference with students with low attendance
    • Acting as a bridge between the student and their academic advisors
    • Acting as mediator in student cases in the registration and finance department
    • Updating student guide annually, printing, and submit to students
    • Organizing cultural, social, national, academic, and sport activities on and off campus as follows:
    • Giving prospective international students’ information about the college, cost of life, housing, transportation, tickets, etc.
    • Receiving international students from the airport, helping with residence cards, opening a bank account, and meeting their housing and transportation needs
    • The Department of Student affairs plays a main role in organizing the yearly graduation ceremony.



    Jehad Jabarin


    Student Affairs

    Email: international@muc.edu.om

    Tel: 24513323