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    The Marketing Department promotes college programs in order to open doors of communication between institutions in both the government and private sector and with the local community.  It utilizes existing resources to connect with the student, his parents, and sponsor; which include participation in activities such as exhibitions, visitations, conferences, etc.


    To be the link between the admission and registration department at Mazoon College and both government and private sectors, including the international and local community in the Sultanate.


    To introduce the college to the local community. To appeal to students, parents, sponsors, and companies and institutions in general, and encourage them to benefit from the College’s applicable services.

    Goals & Objectives: 

    • Extend to the greatest number of general diploma students as possible and inspire them to choose Mazoon College as their means of acquiring a higher education.
    • Strive to increase the number of students studying at the college.
    • Participate in all exhibitions and marketing activities in the Sultanate.
    • Update and enhance leaflets and brochures in cooperation with respective companies.
    • Coordinate visitations to high schools across the Sultanate.
    • Arrange and organize school visitations to Mazoon College.
    • Administer lectures, seminars, and advertising activities in both government and private institutions with the purpose of inviting their employees to study at Mazoon College.
    • Strategically advertise through various media outlets.
    • Analyze advertising strengths and weakness, enhance strengths while eliminating weaknesses.
    • Analyze local market competition between other colleges and universities in order to create and apply an advertising strategy which generates maximum results.
    • Create a select committee of employees of various departments as well as students in order to allow exchange of ideas and to encourage participation in advertising activities.    
    • Organize educational contests within high schools and institutions in the Sultanate in order to discreetly extend the advertisement of Mazoon College’s programs.
    • Highlight Mazoon College through news, media research, and cooperation with media organizations.
    • Oversee daily requirements pertinent to the efficient operation of the department.
    • Update the dean’s office with a semester and annual report, and reevaluate and revise the yearly plan.


    Director - Marketing Department

    Email: marketing@muc.edu.om

    Tel: 24513338