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    Events List

    CAS in collaboration with Eshraqa - the Social Development Arm of Khimji Ramdas Institute conducted a workshop on  Campus to Corporate ,dated 8.7.18, from 9:00 to 3:30 a.m. in Hall B.

    Mr.Nadeem Ahmed, General Manger, Khmiji Institute was the speaker of the event. The workshop was convened by Dr. Jameela Khatoon, Head, Career Advisory Services. Around 75 students participated in the workshop. The speaker emphasized and focused on the following topics

    1. Leadership Skills

    2. Communication

    3. Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Skills  

    4. Importance of Goal Setting and being focused

    5. Professional conduct and Work ethics.

    6. Personal Transformation 

    The workshop also included activities reflecting team work, planning and setting goals. The students participated in the activities enthusiastically and learned various skills of leadership. The Ex- Dean,Dr Jamal Dawood, appreciated the efforts taken and awarded the token of Appreciation to Mr.Nadeem Ahmed The workshop ended by the Vote of Thanks from Dr. Jameela Khatoon. The students recommended for a training programme on C.V. writing by Mr.Nadeem Ahmed.

    First Student in Mazoon College to Publish a Book

    Mr.Salim Issa Al Balushi, MTech (CS) Student  have published a Book in the title of "Developing Queue-Less System and Integration with Web Services". ISBN No.: 978-613-9-84110-3.

    Seminar on " Trending IoT Use Cases and Tools "

    The seminar on “Trending IoT Use Cases and Tools” was conducted by the Department of CS & IT on 28/06/2018 at L203 from 9.30 am to 10.30 am. The program was convened by Dr. Mohammed Abbas, Head/CS&IT and coordinated by Mr. Kareemulla Shaik, Lecturer.

    The seminar started with welcome address given by Dr. Mohammed Abbas, Head/CS&IT, and Convener. The students of MIS, IST and CS majors has attended Seminar.

    The seminar commenced with a brief introduction on IoT followed by its Trending IoT Use Cases, advantage, Tools, uses and application areas. Students are able know how useful is this

    technology in many applications like Smart Homes, Smart Health, Smart cities and smart Utilities. Collect the data from IoT devices and apply Big Data Analytics on it.

    The program ended with certificate distribution to the participants and vote of thanks by Mr. Kareemulla Shaik, Coordinator. Certificates were distributed to students by the coordinator at the end of the session. Many students provided their feedback about seminar and it was very useful to them.


    Health Awareness Camp

    The Health& Safety Services Department organized an Health Awareness Camp in collaboration with Burjeel Medical Centre on 26.6.18. Dr.Navnita Shah, the Dietician was invited for the talk on benefits of healthy eating. Around 70 students participated in the camp. The Dean, appreciated the efforts of Burjeel Hospital in organizing the event with H&SS Department, and addressed the importance of having healthy food. Dr. Navnita Shah also highlighted and suggested the type of diet to be taken, especially for the adolescent. T here was free health screening given by the Burjeel Hospital, after the awareness programme, in which lots of students enthusiastically went to have their health check-up done. Dr. Jameela Khatoon gave a vote of thanks. A Certificate of Appreciation was given by the Dean, Dr. Said Eid Younes and Head of Health & Safety Services, Mr. Abdul Rahaman Juma Al Ghailani.


    Student Orientation on " Top IT Career Trends for 2018"

    The Student Orientation on “Top IT Career Trends for 2018” was conducted by the Department of CS & IT on 25/06/2018 in Room No. C201 from 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm. The program was convened by Dr. A. Mohamed Abbas, Head/CS&IT and coordinated by Ms. Gazala Yusufi, Lecturer.

    The orientation started with the welcome address given by Dr. A. Mohamed Abbas, Head/CS&IT, Convener. Twenty-three students from various majors and disciplines including MIS, IST, CS, PSY, BUS, ECO and ACC attended the program with great enthusiasm.

    Followed by the introduction, Ms. Gazala Yusufi, Presenter & Coordinator started the student orientation on “Top IT Career Trends for 2018”. She briefed about the latest IT technologies trending and the career opportunities for them. She informed the participants about the courses they can pursue to develop a fruitful career in these emerging IT sectors. The orientation was interactive with students participating and exchanging their ideas on the IT trends discussed.

    As a token of thanks, the Dean presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the speaker. Students were also presented with a Certificate of Participation from the HOD (CS & IT) and the Coordinator.


    Upcoming Events

    Oct 01
    Call for paper - Mazoon International Journal of Science and Technology

    We are pleased to inform you that MIJST is going to launch its issue. We would like to invite you to contribute your Research Paper for publication in MIJST. Papers published in MIJST will receive very high publicity and reputation.

    Oct 02
    Workshop on "Entrepreneurship"

    Career Advisory Services is organizing a workshop on "Entrepreneurship" on 2 October 2017, In Hall A from 10:30-12:00 A.M. Mr.Qais Al Balushi, Training Development Officer, SME Fund, will be the speaker.

    Oct 02
    Lecture on "Dangers of Drugs"

    Awareness lecture on the dangers of drugs by the Royal Oman Police on Monday 2/10/2017 from 11:30 pm to 12:30 pm at first floor ( Hall A ).

    Oct 04
    Elections of The Student Advisory Council

    Announcement of the commencement of the elections of the Student Advisory Council.

    Oct 25
    12th Fiap Club's World Cup

    Students wishing to participate in the ( 12th Fiap Club's World Cup ) may come to the students' affairs.

    Nov 07
    Seminar on "Cloud Computing"

    Department of CS & IT is organizing Seminar on "Cloud Computing" on 07/11/2017.

    Nov 15
    Seminar on "Introduction to Augmented Reality"

    Department of CS & IT is organizing Seminar on "Introduction to Augmented Reality" on 15/11/2017.

    Nov 30
    Seminar on "Python Programming"

    Department of CS & IT is organizing a Seminar on "Python Programming" on 30/11/2017.

    Dec 04
    Seminar on "Information Security"

    Department of CS & IT is organizing Seminar on "Information Security" on 04/12/2017.

    Dec 19
    Seminar on "Cutting Edge Technologies to E-Commerce"

    Department of CS & IT is organizing a Seminar on "Cutting Edge Technologies to E-Commerce" on 19/12/2017..